Welcome to Make a Folio!

•February 22, 2010 • Comments Off on Welcome to Make a Folio!

This site is meant to help people create e-portfolios using WordPress.com.  In the method we are using, the portfolio introduction goes here.  This is a post.  You will need to differentiate between posts and pages in your dashboard in order to create a well-organized portfolio.  You only need one post to make the kind of portfolio these instructions are intended for.  If you keep posting, you’re blogging.  That’s okay if that’s what you want, but a single post introducing your site is all you need to make a portfolio.

When you create your WordPress blog, it will already have a sample post called “Hello, World.”  Just click edit on that post, give it your own title, and type your introduction in the text area.  That’s all it takes.  Hit update when you are finished typing, and you are done.

If you want to add a picture, this might be a good place for it, and there are a couple of ways to go about it.


This picture was posted from Flickr. To insert a picture from Flickr switch the editor to HTML (in the top corner you should see two tabs that say visual and HTML), and copy and paste the code provided by Flickr for embedding pictures into your post. It’s very easy to do, but make sure you have permission to use the picture. This particular picture is my own, so I didn’t have to ask permission. If you do not have your own picture, you can search for pictures licensed under Creative Commons on Flickr.

Another way to add a picture is to use the Visual editor to upload an image.  Hover over the icons next to Upload/Insert, and you will see one that says Upload Image. From there, just follow the prompts provided.

Last but not least, since you are using your WordPress site for a portfolio rather than a blog, you might want to turn off the comments and trackbacks on your introductory post.  To do that, just scroll down from the text editor to the place that says Discussion and click off the comments and trackbacks.  There will be one sample comment already there.  You can delete that comment by clicking on Trash.

There.  That wasn’t difficult, was it?  Now that you’ve typed and formatted your introduction, you are ready to put together a portfolio.  Read the pages posted in the sidebar of this site for instructions and advice.